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Togarashi Crab for Sushi

“I started making sushi back in 2005 in Denver for culinary school. I threw a sushi party for some friends, then started doing it professionally (out of my van) to help pay my way through college! Ha! Keep the following tips in mind for perfect sushi. Rice: when cooling on wood, the intent is to pull out the excess moisture, and get that slight sticky, slightly sweet & firm state. Cover it with a damp towel, and it is good for a few hours of sushi rolling. Rolling: make sure everything is even, all the way to the edges. Don’t squish the rice: move it. Don’t force it, or it will get mushy. When it sticks, dip your fingers in the water. Use the longest and sharpest knife you can find. Dip the blade every time, clean the blade after every cut. Crab: if you get lump crab in a can, squeeze out the excess moisture. Otherwise, fresh crab is the best. Pollock or even Krab will do just fine. I add a little mayo for the binder, but that’s optional. Without mayo, you have a virtually fat-free meal that’s absolutely delicious! " ~Chef Abraham Risho


  • 2C sushi rice

  • 2 2/3C water

  • 1 piece combu (optional)

  • 1/3C mirin

  • 1/2C rice vinegar


  • 8oz crab

  • 2t Togarashi

  • 1/4C scallions

  • 1/4C mayo

  • 1tsp yuzu

  • 1/2t ginger

  • 1/8t salt


  • 1 nori package

  • 1 avocado

  • 1 red pepper

  • 1 cucumber

  • 2oz kimchi


  1. In medium pot, combine water, rice and combu (optional - type of dried seaweed) cook rice for 20 minutes.

  2. Remove onto wooden surface.

  3. Pour mirin and rice vinegar onto rice.

  4. Stir/cut with wooden/bamboo spoon until thoroughly mixed and cool.

  5. Cover with a damp towel, set aside until ready to roll

  6. CRAB

  7. In mixing bowl, combine all crab stuffing ingredients, and stir to mix evenly


  1. Put 1 nori on sushi mat with lines of the nori perpendicular to the lines of the mat

  2. Fill a bowl of cold water, add few drops of rice vinegar.

  3. Wet hands in water to prevent rice from sticking.

  4. Pick up handful of rice, place on top of nori. Gently move rice to spread evenly to edges, leave top inch to 1.5 inches free of rice, ensuring rice is consistent in depth (1/4 inch). Be careful not to squish or mush rice.

  5. About 1/3 up from bottom, start by laying in cut cucumber, peppers, kimchi, avocado & crab mixture side-by-side, careful to go all the way to the sides

  6. Grab the edge of mat closest to you. Gently lift up and roll nori tightly over the ingredients, carefully so no ingredients fall out of place.

  7. After the nori is a complete tube, lift the mat slightly and complete the rolling process until you have solid cylinder. If your cylinder is not even all the way down, use the rolling mat to press and roll to even. Rest the roll on it's seam for at least 90 seconds.


  1. Using the sharpest knife in your cupboard, dip the knife in the bowl of vinegar water, then cut the roll exactly in half.

  2. Before each cut, dip the knife again, so the water runs down the blade (helping the rice to not stick to the knife) then continue to cut each half of the roll into halves, and more until each piece is about 3/4 of inch.

  3. Serve with pickled ginger, wasabi and tamari or soy sauce

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