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Moroccan Harissa

1-Harissa Braised Pork Tacos Jan 13, 2014 8-072.JPG

Harissa Pork Tacos

Slow Burn

Harissa spice blend has an unforgettably intense, slow burn that will spice up any dish with a flavor that is more than merely chile-hot, possessing a complex flavor that many hot spice blends cannot claim. 

Moroccan Harissa

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If you are looking for a spice blend that multi-tasks while tasting stand-alone delicious, then look no further than Harissa.

Shrimp Berbere dressing

Harissa Tomato Soup

1-Spaghetti Squash Salad with Harissa Jan 13, 2014 7-11 PM.JPG


Background: an essential accompaniment in nearly every meal at the Moroccan table, Harissa is a common ingredient to the cuisine of Algeria, Tunisia and Libya, and is almost as ubiquitous as olives. Tunisian’s associate its heat with passion. An old tale says that a man can judge his wife's love by the amount of spice in his food! Accordingly, the beauty of harissa is its versatility. 

Harissa Spaghetti Squash

1-Jaj ma'a hashwa Nov 6, 2012 3-26 AM.JPG


Laden with a prominent, pungent chile taste, harissa is an excellent accompaniment to couscous and tagines. It pairs well with all meats - chicken, beef and lamb - for grilling or roasting. 

Jaj Ma'a Hashwa

1-Saffron Rissotto Cakes with Chipotle Aioli harissa.JPG


Use harissa as a garnish, marinade or dip; serve it as an appetizer with veggies for dipping or bread for mopping. It elevates anything it garnishes and is guaranteed to fire up your taste buds. 

Harissa Aioli

Harissa Recipes

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