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Harissa Braised Pork Tacos

“This is a simple braise, and it wont take long to get going: five minutes on all sides to get the crust dark golden brown; another five for the aromatics; then you set it on the stove at lunch, and it’s done by the time you get home from work. The cook time, however, is long, and it needs to be long. If you had a full day to cook it (like six or eight hours) that would be better. The minimum here is 2 hours. And, it’s really important to heavily season the pork; more than you think it needs. Put enough spice and salt on the outside so that no more can stick. Then sear it in a pan as hot as your stove can get it, starting with the fat-side first, letting the fat render into the rest of the oil, (the more fat you have in the pan, the better it’s going to taste!). Tacos are awesome. Simply awesome. I usually cook a lot and let it rest in the fridge so I can eat it all week for lunch. Because. I. Love. Tacos!"

~Chef Abraham Risho

  1. Mix Harissa & salt, then rub onto entire roast of pork, use more with same proportions if necessary until no more will stick.

  2. Heat heavy-bottom pan to high, add oil, then sear the pork on all sides until very browned. Turn every minute for 10 minutes

  3. Remove pork from pan, reduce heat to medium

  4. Sautee onions & garlic in rendered fat until softened (5 minutes)

  5. Add stock to onions bringing volume to at least half the pan, then bring to a simmer

  6. Return pork to pan and cover. Slowly simmer, turning every 15 minutes until pork is falling apart (2 hours)

  7. Remove pork from liquid. Let rest until cool enough to handle.

  8. Turn heat to medium, start reducing the liquid until it thickens.

  9. Shred pork by hand, removing fat, connective tissue & bones, all to be discarded

  10. Add pork chunks back into fully reduced stock to re-heat for service

  11. Gather all your favorite taco toppings, warm your tortillas, load ‘em up and enjoy!

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