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And, don't know
where to start?

We'll take it from here!

Where do I start?

The first step is getting your date in The Silk Road calendar!

The Silk Road Catering has the unique ability to provide several very qualified teams to serve and cater to multiple locations in a single day throughout Western Montana. 

As you know, Fridays and Saturdays are a hot commodity, and are frequently booked years in advance! So don't wait! Click Contact immediately to arrange a meeting and request to secure your date in our calendar! 

The Silk Road Catering provides you with our entire menu as "à la carte," meaning we don't have a standard price per person, or "packages." We carefully orchestrate menus and service plans based on how you envision your special event, and tailor our service to exactly what you need. Prices are wide varying from $35-$200+pp.

The Silk Road's goal: To cultivate lasting memories around Exquisite Food and Exceptional Hospitality. 

What can I expect?!

Let's lay it all out, in detail, every step of the way to making a great catered event.

Let's get started!

The event creation process:

  • You send your date and contact information to The Silk Road via our Contact Form including the following: 

    • Name; contact info; date; guest count; the purpose of the event; location; etc. 

  • The Silk Road determines if the date is available in the calendar and replies via email with either:

    • Bummer, your date is full: let's find a new date!


    • Yes, your date is available! TSR will pencil your date in the calendar and send a phone appointment request to meet with Sam Risho, owner and Catering Coordinator for The Silk Road

  • Next, you meet with your co-planners/fiancée/parents/business partners/etc., and determine the following *before* meeting with Sam:

    • Style of Service

      • What do you see when you think about your party/wedding/reception? Cocktail party? Plated dinner? Buffet? Specialty Service Bar and Action Station? Something in between? Read our options for Style of Service and get an idea of what will work best for you and your guests. Sam will discuss with you all the options as well. 

    • Catering Menu

      • Food: this is the fun part! Look at our Catering Menu and get some ideas on what makes your mouth water and tummy rumble! Do you want hors d'oeuvres served on a silver platter? Buffet apps? Dessert bites? So much to choose from!

    • Budget

      • Be clear with your budget. Does your budget include food, service, rentals, beverages, linens, travel, etc? Who is paying for your event, and who gets the final "say" on the menu? 

      • Some clients decide on a "price per person"

      • Others have a specific dollar amount to work with

      • The majority of our clients choose the menu first, then see where that falls in their budget, and make modifications from there. 

    • Location Details

      • Have an idea of some location details that would be valuable information for our catering team. Directions, parking, potable water onsite?, is there a kitchen onsite ?, Is electricity available? Easy access for large catering vehicles, loading/unloading/mobile kitchen placement, etc. 

  • Next, attend a phone meeting with Sam to gather all your event details. Approximately 30-45 minutes. 

    • It would be helpful for you to be available at a computer for the meeting so you can look at menu items together on our website.

  • Our catering team will use your meeting notes and create for you a written document: the Catering Proposal (the details of what is included in our Catering Proposal are listed below)

  • By email, you will receive the detailed Catering Proposal, with which you either:

    • Request some modifications via email or phone


    • Say YES!​ Let's book it, and sumbit an electronic deposit by ePayment!

      • The Proposal email includes a link to easily make an electronic (an instant) payment for a 50% deposit to secure the date in the calendar. 

FYI, The Silk Road Catering calendar fills quickly! Many of our clients choose to submit a deposit before the meeting and before the menu has been chosen, just to ensure The Silk Road is committed to the event date. You may choose that option at any time. 

The Silk Road Catering Proposal

After your phone meeting with Sam, you will receive by e-mail the first draft Catering Proposal which includes all the information you discussed with Sam. Please carefully review all included details


The Proposal details line-by-line your menu choices and costs for the individual items, service style, rentals/disposables, labor, travel & payment options. The estimate will also include what was discussed to be "Client Responsibility," clearly defining what The Silk Road will not provide, which oftentimes are your preferences for alcoholic beverages, plate ware rentals, chairs, tents, decorations, etc.

The Catering Estimate will also clearly state the Event Timing: arrival time, service time, ceremony time, or any other applicable timing specific to your event.


For weddings, The Silk Road carefully plans to arrive at your location one hour before the ceremony so as not to disturb the ceremony with the noise of unloading and setup. 

For all other events that do not have a "ceremony", The Silk Road plans to arrive at your location between 30-90 minutes prior to service time to give adequate time for unloading and setup. 

Remember this proposal is a first draft. We can change anything! All details, especially the guest count and menu, are completely available for modifications all the way until three weeks prior to the event. Our team is willing to work with you to type up as many modifications or drafts as nedded to get the right menu that works within your budget. 

When you are confident you wish The Silk Road to cater your event, simply submit the deposit via the ePayment link, or call or reply to the email stating that you are ready to make your deposit to secure the date in the calendar! And we're set!


The Silk Road happily offers Non-profit Organizations a 5% discount.

Credit or Debit Cards

The payment processing program allows you to choose to pay with Credit/Debit card payment with a 3.45% processing fee, or an electronic check (ACH) with zero processing fee. 


Minimum travel fee within Missoula City $15

Outside Missoula city limits, the travel fee is $2 per mile, round trip, and includes 2 vehicles bringing staff and gear/food to your event location

Service Charge

The Silk Road adds an industry-standard gratuity based on a percentage of food and beverage.

10% Pickup

15% Drop Off

20% Full Service

Gratuity is shared between the service staff working at your catered event and also the food prep staff that work from
The Silk Road Catering kitchen.


Additional gratuity is always welcome but never required.

Additional Optional Services

Water Service Fee    $0.35 per person

Provide ice for glassware, pour and maintain water at seated tables.

Family-Style Salad Service    $0.50 per person

Served on family-style platters brought to each table where guests serve themselves.

Family-Style Dinner Service    $1.00 per person

Served on family-style platters brought to each table where guests serve themselves.

Plated Salad Service    $1.00 per person

Salad is individually plated and served to each guest at their table. 

Plated Dinner Service    $2.00 per person

Salad is individually plated and served to each guest at their table. 

Cake Cutting Fee   $0.50 per person

Includes table setup, cutting, serving, and clean up

Champagne Toast   $0.50 per person

Pour and distribute individual glasses of champagne


Garbage Removal   $35

All bagged garbage removed when caterer leaves site.

The Business Part

  • To secure the date in our calendar, The Silk Road requests a 50% deposit of the estimated total balance. The deposit commits The Silk Road to you, your date, and and all products and services offered. After the deposit is received, all modification requests from you will be acknowledged by The Silk Road by sending an updated invoice by email.

  • The Balance payment is due 21 Days Prior to event (21DP or 3 weeks), along with exact menu and headcount.  

  • A decrease in the guest count after 21DP will not result in a reduction of price.

  • An increase in the guest count after 21DP will incur an additional 8% fee per additional person of the per person food and rental costs, if The Silk Road is capable of accommodating the request. 

  • A full refund is offered for cancellation up until 60 days prior to the event minus $300 fee for consultation and planning. 

  • A cancellation refund between 60 days and 21DP will be subject to a cancellation fee of 10% of total event. 

  • After 21DP, a cancellation refund will not be offered. 

  • Should the need arise, rescheduling is available for a mutually agreeable date until 21DP. 

  • Client is responsible for replacement costs of damaged rentals.

  • Signature on this Estimate is required, establishing an agreement of all services offered and terms listed. Either send a signed Estimate via email or to the mailing address listed above.

  • An additional 3.45% fee for payments with debit/credit card is automatically included in the balance due. We will happily remove the Credit/Debit Card processing fee upon request to pay with cash/check/EBT payments.

  • Menu Prices:  Due to product availability, quality, and unforeseen market price fluctuations, prices are subject to change without notice, up to 21 days prior to the event date. Within 21DP,  prices are guaranteed. We will make every effort to provide the exact product ordered however, product availability and/or quality may affect this at times. You will be notified/consulted in advance by email of menu substitutions or price fluctuation.

  • Late fees will be assessed at the Montana annual interest rate limit of 15%, accrued monthly.


Let's Talk!

Do you love what The Silk Road has to offer? Great!  Click Contact to message your event information to the catering team, and most importantly secure your date in our calendar ASAP!

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