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Ethiopian Berbere

1-Berbere Ethiopian Duck Crepe Jan 7, 2013 8-57 AM.JPG

Ethiopian Duck Breast


We truly enjoy the Ethiopian collective dining experience … everyone sits around low tables and eats from the same plate. Usually prepared from a cupboard-full of herbs and spices, Berberé's combination of fenugreek and red pepper is essential to deep complex flavors. 

Ethiopian Berbere

shrimp berbere salad May 15, 2012 5-050.jpg


Berberé possesses a coarse, earthy texture and a zesty, hot flavor. When it comes to complex, spicy flavors, nothing surpasses Ethiopian cuisine. With it’s earthy aromas of fenugreek, cardamom, cloves and cumin Berberé embodies some of our favorite flavor combinations. 

Shrimp Berbere dressing

1-Berbere Sephardic Chicken Jun 1, 2016, 7-28 PM.png.jpg


Pheasant would be an ideal partner, to make a version of doro wat, a chicken stew considered the national dish of Ethiopia; remember African chickens tend to be old and tough — closer to pheasant than American chicken. 

Sephardic Chicken

1-Berbere Shrimp Piri Piri Jan 7, 2013 9-13 AM.JPG


 Berberé adds wonderful spiciness when used as a rub on red or white meats for roasting, grilling, barbecuing or pan-frying. Add water or oil to form a paste to flavor stir-fries, soups and casseroles or use it as a base for curry. 

Ethiopian Shrimp Piri Piri

1-Pork Tenderloin May 9, 2013 5-48 AM.JPG


Berbere is the right heat and intesity to bring the natural flavor for tenderloins of any kind. Don't forget to make gravy from the drippings.

Berbere Pork Tenderloin

Berbere Recipes

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