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Advieh Fish & Chips

Recipe by Chef Abraham Risho

“The fish, by itself, is obviously delicious when you mix beer and flour. But, when you add Persian spice, you get a deeper, rich characteristic to the fish. It has a new exciting spiciness to it, and the color is obviously very pleasing.

Once a year, I make almost two thousand orders of Fish & Chips for a two-day Celtic Festival here in Missoula. And, I just started doing this Persian variation on them. Why? Cause it's awesome!” ~Chef Abraham Risho


  • 2 potatoes, large russet

  • Fry oil

  • Salt & Advieh to taste

  • 3/4C beer, ale

  • 1C tempura flour

  • 1T Advieh

  • 1t salt

  • 1lb cod, strips

  • Tartar sauce

  • Lemon, wedges

  • Parsley, sprig


  1. Start heating oil to 250° in deep fry pan, with enough oil to submerge fish pieces (1-2” deep)

  2. Cut potatoes in to fry pieces. Soak in cold water while cutting.

  3. Add chips to hot oil, maintaining temp for 10 min.

  4. Remove chips to pan, let rest. Heat oil to 350°.

  5. Add all batter ingredients to mixing bowl, mix thoroughly. Use a wooden spoon, not a whisk to not over-mix.

  6. Add fish strips to batter, and thoroughly coat.

  7. Fry fish & chips together for three minutes in small batches to maintain oil temp at 350°.

  8. Remove. Drain on rack or paper to release oil.

  9. Dust chips with Advieh and salt.

  10. Serve immediately with tartar, lemon & parsley.

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