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Herb-filled & wonderfully tangy, with a hint of nuttiness, this alluring spice mix called Za’atar has an incredible aroma with deep roots in the Middle East. The word Za'atar traditionally referred to an herb in the oregano & thyme family called Origanum syriacum, and has reference to the hyssop of the Hebrew Bible. Now, more informally, Za'atar refers to a very popular spice blend made with sumac, sesame seeds and herbs. For centuries, people have been eating Za’atar not just for its savory taste but also for its reputed health benefits and antioxidants. Sumac, the main ingredient of Za’atar, is a sort of berry or bob with a deep crimson color that grows in a cluster on a small sumac shrub. Typically ground into powder, sumac imparts a unique lemony and tangy flavor to food and beverages while carrying powerful antioxidant rating. And don’t forge: both thyme and oregano are also high in antioxidants; together with calcium-rich sesame seeds makes this blend healthy and delicious! The Palestinian version of Za’atar includes caraway as the main ingredient, but we much prefer the citrus-like Lebanese version with sumac. Most commonly Za’atar is used as a condiment, typically sprinkled on pita dipped in olive oil. But Za’atar is fun to experiment with too! Instead of sprinkling it on top, try baking Za’atar right into your bread with caramelized onions! Or marinate chicken and zucchini with Za’atar, olive oil and salt, then barbeque! Or add it into your veggie stir-fry for some tangy and nutty flavors! For breakfast, sprinkle on your eggs, your oatmeal, and especially your yogurt (labne).

Lebanese Za'atar

  • Sumac, toasted sesame seeds, oregano, coriander, cumin, cinnamon, marjoram, thyme

  • No Salt!

    No Sugar!

    Non-GMO: made with non GMO ingredients

    GF: made with gluten free ingredients

    100% Natural: no additives, bulkers, preservatives or MSG

    No Nuts: this spice blends does not contain nuts, but is processed in a facility that also processes nuts 

    Vegan: This spice blend does not contain any animal products

    Spices are proudly roasted, ground and blended in Montana, USA

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