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Togarashi (Japan) referring to the Japanese word for “chiles,” is a group of table additions, always including chiles, that bring out the clean and simple flavors of Japanese food. It is one of the most popular seasonings in Japan. 

Red chilies were introduced into Japan in the 16th century, originally as a medicine, and this seasoning blend likely followed soon afterward. Yagenbori Nakajima Shoten, an apothecary established in 1625 in old Edo (now Tokyo), claims to have introduced the Togarashi blend. The shop, now one of Japan’s most revered spice stores, still exists in the Asakusa district.

Chile peppers contain capsaicin, a chemical that induces warmth, so you can stick it in your shoe or mitten to keep toes and fingers warm. It is apparently also useful for keeping rice from becoming bug-infested. Capsaicin has also been tested on rats for things like pain relief, cancer cell reduction, diabetes prevention, and weight loss.  

Togarashi is used to add both heat and flavor to dishes such as soba noodles, udon, beef tataki, jasmine rice. It works well with fatty foods such as unagi (broiled eel), tempuras, shabu shabu (small bits of food cooked in rich broth), noodle dishes, and yakitori (grilled dishes). Our personal favorite is mixing togarashi with sesame oil and tamari as a marinade for salmon, and especially beef tenderloin.

Japanese Togarashi

  • Ingredients

    Chile pepper, hemp seed, poppy seed, black sesame, ginger, orange peel, nori (dried seaweed). 


  • Dietary Nutrition

    No Salt!

    No Sugar!

    Non-GMO: made with non GMO ingredients

    GF: made with gluten free ingredients

    100% Natural: no additives, bulkers, preservatives or MSG

    No Nuts: this spice blends does not contain nuts, but is processed in a facility that also processes nuts 

    Vegan: This spice blend does not contain any animal products

    Made proudly in Montana, USA

  • Flavor and uses:

    Rub or marinade to incite the exotic. Just a sprinkle adds a fiery kick! Exceptionally suited for grilling!


    Tog (restaurant slang for Togarashi), was on our menus (in 2 restaurants) since 2001. It is the most spoken about, drooled-over, scrambled-for, and requested flavor a restauranteur could be blessed with. Sultry, peppery, win an intoxicating Asian flair, Tog is great on all marbled meats, seafoods, in aiolis, as a sprinkle garnish, on rich vegetables, becoming you rnew best friend at the grill. Use liberally in a marinade with sesame oil, tamari, rice vinegar and lemon juice.