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SOLD OUT!! ETHIOPIA!: March 30, 2024

13-Item Exotic Dinner for Curbside Pickup! HOT and ready to eat!

  • 65 US dollars

Menu Details

ETHIOPIA! One night only, Saturday, March 30th, 2024 An exotic glimpse of Ethiopia with a feast featuring a variety of stews ("Wat") served on a large, spongy "Injera" flatbread. Tear off pieces of Injera, scoop up the flavorful stews and sides, and share in this communal dining experience. Situated with equal footing in Africa, The Middle East, and India, Ethiopia's ancient global melting pot results in a bold and stunning palette of unique flavors and tasting experiences! Menu by Chefs Brian West & Rasta Dan Expect bright flavors with a medium spice level. ENTREES Doro Wat: Ethiopia's national dish. Savory, tangy, moderately spiced chicken and vegetable stew bursting with bold flavors Beef Berbere - The perfect showcase for Ethiopia's signature spice blend, Berbere: tender bite-size cutlets of beef in a bright and intensely flavorful mixture of chickpea, tomato, split peas, and creamy sauce with shimbra asa dumplings Gomen Wat - Ethiopian collard greens stewed with garlic and ginger Atakilt Wat - Potatoes, cabbage, and carrots with garlic and ginger, sauteed in the bright color and flavor our Persian Adveih spice blend SIDES Inik Ulali Wat - hard-boiled egg stewed in the sauce of Doro Wat Azefa - Cold Lentil Salad Fasolia - Sauteed Green beans Timatim - Cold Tomato cucumber salad Kik Alicha - Pureed split peas (Ethiopian hummus) Sumac Pickled Onions - Tangy and slightly sweet SAUCES Ayib Raita - Ethiopian twist on the traditional Indian yogurt sauce Data - spicy condiment of hot peppers, coriander leaf and herbs DESSERT Baklava is an Ethiopian twist on the traditional Mediterranean dessert of flaky pastry made from phyllo dough, pistachios, and honey. While The Silk Road is dedicated to the intricate details of this menu, variations and substitutions may occur. Bookings close Friday, March 25th, 2024 ___________________ Price includes the entire menu above packaged for curbside pick-up, as well as gratuities for your Silk Road Catering Team! Instructions for pickup will be sent with your confirmation email. Meals come conveniently family-style in compostable/recyclable boxes: cold items together, warm items together. Utensils not included. This is a fixed menu. Alterations and substitutions are not available. Some dietary restrictions can easily be accommodated, others are not as easy with a fixed menu. Please call Sam Risho to discuss 406-370-7435.

Contact Details

  • 700 SW Higgins Ave, 100A, Missoula, MT 59803


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