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Colorful Canapés
Delicious little bites on crostinis,
 chips, crackers & pita
Priced Per Person

Tuna Poke $3.75
with lime, ginger & tamari on wonton crisp  

Salmon Crisp   $2.50
with crème fraîche, capers & shallots

Chicken Ropa Vieja   $2.25
chicken confit with olives and wine on a crispy corn tortilla

Goodnight Sweet Pork   $2.00
 slow-roasted bbq pork with sun-dried tomato chimichurri on a corn arepa

Sausage Crostini   $2.00
with linguica sausage,
 caramelized fennel & red lentils   

Spanikopita  $2.00
spinach, feta and pine nuts wrapped in a flaky phyllo crust

Mushroom Caviar   $1.50
creamy Russian style mushroom sauté on water cracker

Hummus  Pita Bites   $1.50
 Traditional hummus on house-made toasted pita wedge

Olive Tapenade Crostini  $1.50
 with tomato and roasted garlic 

Spinach & Kale Crostini   $1.50
with sharp white cheddar

Crab Dip    $3.75 baked in cream cheese wrapped in puff pastry   

Shrimp Ginger Gyoza    $2.50
(pot sticker) seared in spicy citrus ponzu sauce

Sveeha Lamb Pie   $2.75
small Syrian spiced lamb pie with pine nuts, topped with parsley-yogurt-mint sauce

Ahi Tuna Skewers   $3.75
 with sesame seeds, red bell pepper & green onion threads

Azada Shrimp Skewers    $2.75
 grilled with cumin seed, fresh coriander & lime, served with cilantro-lime aioli

Beef Togarashi Skewers    $2.50
 Japanese peppery spice blend with slice of red pepper

Asian Meatballs    $2.25
in sweet & Sour sauce

Sicilian Meatballs   $2.25
roasted in savory tomato sauce

Greek Grilled Chicken Skewers    $2.00
with mint tzaziki sauce

Indian Grilled Chicken Skewers    $2.00
tandori-style grilled in tomato curry sauce with curried apple

Eggplant Roulades    $1.75
 rolled and stuffed with fresh herbs goat cheese

Caprese Skewers   $1.50
fresh mozzarella balls and cherry tomatoes rolled in basil pesto drizzled with sweet balsamic sauce   

Crab Rangoons   $2.25
 with cream cheese & scallions in wontons served with sweet chili dipping sauce

Risotto Milanese Cakes   $1.75
topped with chipotle aioli and chive

Kids Bites    $1.50
Small bites for children such as Grilled Cheese or Cheese Quesadillas


Hearty Hot Buffet Platters
Priced Per Person

Italian Cannelloni   $3.50
Chicken, pork, olives, herbs & ricotta stuffed in pasta crepe covered in béchamel & marinara sauce

Italian Manicotti   $3.50
Pine nuts, walnuts, olives, herbs & ricotta stuffed in pasta crepe covered in bechamel sauce

Hot Artichoke Dip   $2.50
Smothered with three cheeses and served with crostini for dipping 

Baked Brie Round in Puff Pastry   $60.00
with mango chutney (serves 20)

Chilled Buffet Platters

 minimum 30  $9.00
Fresh and marinated vegetables, cured meats, artisanal cheeses, olives, eggplant caponata & sliced pané bread

(Middle Eastern) 
minimum 30
Hummus, tabbouleh, baba ganoush, labneh, dolmas (stuffed vine leaves) and mixed olives with pita

Artisanal Meat    $6.00
Variety of charcuterie based on availability with water crackers

Assorted Cheese   $6.00
Domestic & imported cheeses displayed with water crackers

Fresh Fruit   $5.00
Beautiful array of fresh seasonal fruit

Hummus Bowl   $3.50
Chick pea puree finished with pine nuts & olive oil, served with pita

Classic Vegetable   $2.75
Crisp Crudités of seasonal veggies served with assorted dipping sauces