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Monthly Featured Spice Blend
Be surprised every month when a Spice Blend from The Silk Road Restaurant arrives at your door! Some of the blends you will recognize by name, some are a little less contemporary, but they are all EXTRAORDINARY! Each individual ingredient arrives at the restaurant in Missoula, Montana, in it’s natural whole state. The spices are then hand-roasted, ground to a precise texture, and meticulously blended according to our proprietary restaurant/family spice blend recipes. 
Chef Abraham Risho's Recipe Library
Two new recipes every month for the featured spice. And, don't forget Chef Abraham's extensive Online Recipe Library! Amaze your dinner guests with Chef Abraham's Over the Top Recipes. Or get down to business with our Quick & Easy Recipes under 25 minutes! These restaurant-quality meals are designed to dazzle with exotic flavors and tantalizing aromas, all with comforting home-cooked goodness! 
The Silk Road Dedication to Superior Products
As a rule, The Silk Road stays true to superior products through restaurant-tested recipes made with high-quality natural ingredients.
What does this mean? 
100% Natural. 100% Quality. 100% Fresh.
100% Natural: Due to the exotic nature of our products, not all spices are organic, but they are always 100% natural! 100% Quality: Each blend has been time-tested (and customer-approved!) in our family restaurants over the last 40 years! 100% Fresh: To maintain explosive flavor, all blends are individually packaged and vacuum sealed. We provide the blends in an attractive stackable tin, shielding the contents from the two things that kill spices: light and oxygen.
The Silk Road does not add SALT to any spice blends! Spice companies often bulk their blends with salt to increase volume and decrease cost, most with salt listed as their first ingredient! Some of Chef Abraham Risho's recipes recommend the addition of salt, but you are welcome to modify the recipe to your dietary requirements. For those of you who are health-conscious, here is a fantastic alternative to high-sodium meals. Get amazing flavor with zero salt! We prefer to give you the option to add as much, or as little, as you desire! 
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Monthly subscribers: PayPal will automatically initiate a simple $11 payment every month according to your initial sign-up date. Spice shipments are processed every week. All payments accepted from Sunday through Saturday will be shipped no later than the following Wednesday with a two new printed recipe cards. Subscription will continue indefinitely, unless subscriber initiates cancellation of the monthly subscription via the Unsubscribe button below. 

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