Ras el Hanout (North Africa) Curry-like with a spicy kick, Ras el Hanout is floral and fragrant with subtle nuances of the sweet aromatics.  Possessing an overall robust, earthy flavor, this blend is extremely versatile, adding a golden color and an enticingly aromatic flavor to food. 

BackgroundA complex mélange of many spices, this blend is essential to the cooking of the Maghreb, a region of North Africa comprising the countries of Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria. Literally translated “the head of the shop,” or “specialty of the house,” a good Ras el Hanout is one of the finest examples of how a diverse variety of spices can meld to create an ingredient that is greater than its individual components, and where no single spice predominates. 

Regional Cuisine Ras el Hanout is essential in nearly every Moroccan tagine recipe, especially chicken tagines. Ras el hanout goes well with lamb, game, and couscous dishes. Although overpowering on fish, a little Ras el Hanout will add style to your favorite soup or stew. “Ras” is also great simply used as a rub for grilled meats. 

Quick & Easy 10 Minute Recipe: Chicken Tagine

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