The story behind The Silk Road Spice Blends, and The Silk Road Restaurant

The Risho family spent decades perfecting global cuisine while cooking for their home town of Missoula, Montana. 

Sam and Abraham Risho grew up as restaurant-kids, and learned the love of food from their father Ray, whose 45-year career as a chef focused on the anthropological study of world cuisine. 

Photo from 1973 at Emmaus Road Restaurant. Sam Risho being held by his father Ray, Emmaus Raod owner and founder.

 In 1995, Abraham Risho, at 18 years old accepted an apprenticeship in his fathers restaurant Perugia, Old World Cooking. Where, at the same time, his eldest brother Sam perfected the intricacies of fine dining service, and especially old-world hospitality. After a short while, Sam led the restaurant as a responsible and fair General Manager, and Abraham filled his father's shoes as Executive Chef. 

Photo from 1997 at Perugia Old World Cooking. Owner and founder Ray Risho on the far right next to his eldest son, with Sam's arm on his shoulder. Abraham ducking into the front row, third from the left. 

After 20 years working in dozens of restaurants, the Rishos brothers together with Sam's wife Elise, opened The Silk Road Restaurant in 2009 serving tapas-style cuisine with the tag line: A Global Tasting Experience

Picture from 2011 at The Silk Road Restaurant. Sam Risho, front row center with his wife Elise, holding their first son Webber. To Sam's left is Abraham and (at the time) his future wife, Caitlin. Far to the right are Ray Risho and his wife Susie.

The Rishos were instantly successful and quickly encouraged to share their passion (and recipes!) with the world. You can now find their diverse line of 6 internationally inspired spice blends available in almost 200 stores with distribution through the largest natural foods distributor: UNFI. 

The Silk Road Spice Blends:   

After sourcing only the finest natural spices, each individual ingredient is delivered to the restaurant in it’s natural whole state. Then late-night after the restaurant closes, the spices are hand-roasted, meticulously ground and blended, then vacuum-sealed in a beautiful tin shielding the contents from the two things that kill spices: light and oxygen. As promised, each spice blend has a Quick & Easy recipe on the back label, and dozens more on their website, walking you through simple steps to an extraordinary restaurant-quality meal! Look for Sauces and Marinades from The Silk Road coming summer 2016: Japanese Togarashi Steak Marinade, Moroccan Harissa Hot Sauce, Ethiopian BBQ Sauce, Persian Honey-Saffron Sauce