Moroccan Harissa

Sweet & smoky with a slow chile finish.
Beautifully versatile: wild game, stews
& roasted veggies. A favorite on eggs!

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 Ethiopian Berberé 
 Coarse, earthy & bold with a zesty-hot finish! For seafood, roasted veggies, wild game or pasta sauces!
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 Egyptian Dukkah
Coarse blend with nuts & fragrant herbs. Excellent with white meat, fish, bread & dressings.

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Indian Garam Masala 
Superior blend of earthy & aromatic. 
Hand crafted with layers of flavor. 
Brings excitement to EVERY curry!

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Persian Advieh
A delicate curry, both sweet & sour. 
For roasted veggies, light & dark meats, dressings & beautifully golden rice!

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Japanese Togarashi 

Rub or marinade to incite the exotic.
Just a sprinkle adds a fiery kick!
Exceptionally suited for grilling!

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