Winter Menu, 2012

 SILK ROAD STANDARDS  (11~platter / 3~each)
Hummus Traditional Syrian style with tahini; Olive Medley with Harissa & preserved lemons
Daily Selections of Cured Meats or Artisanal Cheeses

Hot Pickled Beets served over arugula with goat cheese & pistachios (FRANCE)     
 6 ~
Tuna Ceviche marinated in citrus, garlic, cilantro, red onion & jalapeno,
layered with avodado salsa & plantain chips (PERU)      
8 ~
Langostino Rolls petite lobster tossed in crème fraîche & chives,
wrapped in house-made brioche roll (NEW ENGLAND, USA)    
  8.50 ~ 
Poached Gulf Shrimp tossed in Berbere & yogurt dressing with grilled fennel bulb,
sunblushed tomatoes & toasted pinenuts (ETHIOPIA) VOTED BEST OF 2011!       7 ~
Skewered Beef Tenderloin with spicy Togarashi sauce (JAPAN) HOUSE FAVORITE!      8.50 ~ 
Crab Dip with sherry & cheese: Chesapeake style (NORTHEASTERN USA) HOUSE FAVORITE!      8.50 ~ 
Halibut Cheeks  grilled & covered in zesty chimichurri, with spice sauce (ARGENTINA)      10 ~ 
 Salmon encrusted in Dukkah, served over sauteed greens &
succulent blood orange sauce (EGYPT) 
 VOTED BEST OF 2011!      10 ~

Shaved Beef Pho or Veggie Pho fresh udon noodles topped with a poached egg,
Thai basil, cilantro & fresh jalape
ño (VIETNAM)      7 ~ 
Sfiha flaky pastry with ground lamb, pine nuts, onion and Za'atar (sesame & herb blend),
finished with yogurt & pomegranate (LEBANON)      
6 ~  
Fried Ravioli lemony-ricotta, goat cheese & herb ravioli dipped in buttermilk &
bread crumbs, served crispy with pesto (ITALY) HOUSE FAVORITE!      6.50 ~ 
Canelones pork & veal sauteed with onions & butter infused with truffle & herbs, folded into cream
& chicken 
pâté, wrapped inside thin pasta then baked & cloaked with machego cheese (SPAIN)      7 ~

Chicken Schnitzel with lemon, upon decadent cognac-cream sauce (AUSTRIA) HOUSE FAVORITE!      7 ~
Arancinis saffron risotto balls filled with fresh mozzarella then crisped,
over sunchoke cream sauce (MILAN)  VOTED BEST OF 2011!      5.50 ~ 
Pierogi with wild mushrooms, crème fraîche, tarragon, pernot & chives
wrapped in flatbread & fried; with vinegar-butter sauce (POLAND)     
 6.50 ~ 
French Fries house-cut potatoes tossed in Harissa spice, served with delicate onion jam (HOLLAND)      5.50 ~
Eggplant Parmesan baked in velvety layers of fresh mozzarella
& parmesan cheeses, over savory marinara (ITALY) 
     6 ~
Seasonal Mushroom Sauté in garlic, sherry, butter & fresh herbs,
with crispy leeks served on grilled bread (FRANCE) HOUSE FAVORITE!      7 ~
Tagine of eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini, roasted peppers & crookneck squash tossed in Ras el Hanout,
lemon & olive oil, cooked & served over currant cous cous; topped with onion jam (MOROCCO)      6.50 ~
Lasagne Verdi grilled portabella mushrooms, zucchini, leeks & aged provolne, together between decadent
layers of herb-infused crêpes; topped with tomato jam & balsamic reduction (ITALY)    
Mango Habanero Sorbet (MEXICO) HOUSE FAVORITE!      4 ~
Chocolate Calzone filled with raspberries & cream cheese (HINGHAM, MA) HOUSE FAVORITE!      6 ~
Bedouin Coffee fine ground with a hint of cardamom,
thrice boiled in traditional brass pot (LEBANON)      
Middle Eastern Trio baklava, lemon-olive oil cake &
ma'amoul (date-filled shortbread cookie) (LEVANT)      7
Pain Perdu of house-made brioche baked in rich vanilla custard;
with strawberry jam & brandied sweet cream (FRANCE)     
Bacon-Maple Beignet crispy & warm with small chunks of bacon, covered in maple glaze
 & served with a scoop of cardamom ice cream (CREOLE) 
VOTED BEST OF 2011!      5.50~

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