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Summer Menu, 2011

(11~platter / 3~each)
Hummus Traditional Syrian style with tahini; Olive Medley with harissa & preserved lemons
Daily Selections of Cured Meats or Artisanal Cheeses

Tuna Escabeche ahi Tuna seared & marinated in red wine vinegar (PORTUGAL)   8.50 ~ 
Fresh Melon Salad tossed with pineapple, tequila, poblano chiles, chipotle, orange & lime (MEXICO) 5 ~ 
Lomo de Orza pork loin marinated in sherry vinegar & lemon, slow cooked with herbs & garlic (SPAIN)  9 ~

Skewered Beef Tenderloin with spicy Togarashi sauce (JAPAN) HOUSE FAVORITE!   7 ~
Crab Dip with sherry & cheese: Chesapeake style (NORTHEASTERN USA) HOUSE FAVORITE! 7 ~
Ratatouille tomato & roasted pepper sauce topped with layers of zucchini, eggplant, squash & tomato (FRANCE) 5.50 ~
 Pork Belly Kebabs marinated in achiote, coriander & oregano; slow roasted then seared; served with grilled scallions (CUBA) 7 ~
 Salmon marinated in preserved lemon, garlic & chiles, grilled & served with roasted baby red potatoes & black olives (MOROCCO)  8 ~7 ~  

Lamb Stir-Fry sautéed in garlic, cumin, black rice vinegar & soy sauce, served over fresh noodles & topped with sprouts & bok choy (CHINA) 6 ~ 
Drunken Noodles mixed seafood wok-fried with broad rice noodles in salty-spicy sauce with bok choy; topped with scallions & lime (THAILAND) 6~
Fried Ravioli lemony-ricotta, goat cheese & herb ravioli dipped in buttermilk & bread crumbs, served crispy with pesto (ITALY) VOTED BEST OF 2010 6.50 ~
Fettuccine sautéed in butter, tossed with creamy sauce of lavender, shallots, rosemary, white wine, & Dijon, topped with seared bay scallops (ITALY)   
7.50 ~
BBQ Duck Crêpe duck legs slow roasted in sweet & spicy cinnamon-clove-tamarind sauce, wrapped inside a fresh pasta crêpe, served with fennel slaw (FRANCE)   7 ~  
Wiener Schnitzel of chicken, with lemon & cognac-cream sauce (AUSTRIA) HOUSE FAVORITE!   7 ~
Hushpuppies Creole-style fritters with black-eyed peas & okra, served with spicy creole mayo (LOUISIANA, USA)  4.75 ~
Spicy Pork Ribs marinated in Chinese Five Spice & rice wine, battered & fried, finished with scallions, red chiles & black beans (CHINA)  
6.50 ~
Truffle Fries house-cut local potatoes tossed in truffle oil, served with artichoke-preserved lemon aioli (HOLLAND) VOTED BEST OF 2010!   5.50 ~

Hot Pickled Beets served over arugula with goat cheese & pistachios (FRANCE) VOTED BEST OF 2010!    
 6 ~
  Rosemary-Skewered Gulf Shrimp grilled with sesame oil; served with ponzu vinaigrette over sautéed romaine hearts  5 ~
Seasonal Mushroom Sauté in garlic, sherry, butter & fresh herbs, with crispy leeks served on grilled bread (FRANCE) HOUSE FAVORITE!   7 ~
Fresh Caprese Salad of local heirloom grape tomatoes, Ciliegine mozzarella, local basil & crispy bread, tossed in tarragon vinaigrette (ITALY)   7 ~   
Mango Habanero Sorbet (MEXICO) HOUSE FAVORITE!   4 ~
Yuzu Tart with crispy meringue topping & anise-infused crust (JAPAN) 6 ~
Lavender-Infused Panna Cotta with Flathead cherry sauce & basil shortbread (ITALY) 7 ~
Chocolate Calzone filled with raspberries & cream cheese (HINGHAM, MA) HOUSE FAVORITE!   6 ~
Chocolate Espresso Rum Cheescake with hazelnut-caramel crust, topped with strawberry-rhubarb coulis (FRANCE)   7 ~ 
The Bombe olive oil, rosemary & sea salt ice cream on génoise cake enveloped in chocolate & toasted pine nuts (ITALY) VOTED BEST OF 2010!   6.50 ~

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