Summer Menu 2011

Summer Menu, 2011

(11~platter / 3~each)

Hummus Traditional Syrian style with tahini; Olive Medley with harissa & preserved lemons
Daily Selections of Cured Meats or Artisanal Cheeses

Hot Pickled Beets served over arugula with goat cheese & pistachios (FRANCE) VOTED BEST OF 2010!    
 6 ~
Tuna Sashimi with Asian pears, pickled chilis & jicama, topped with sweet soy & lime dressing (JAPAN)   9 ~
Salmon Ceviche diced & marinated in citrus & papaya juices, tossed with, sweet chili paste & red onion, served with fresh cilantro & strawberry salsa (COSTA RICA)   8.50 ~  
Hamachi Ceviche yellowtail tuna marinated in ponzu (citrus & soy dressing) & bonito flakes (dry-cured Japanese fish), tossed with blood orange, radish & grape seed oil (JAPAN)  9 ~

Skewered Beef Tenderloin with spicy Togarashi sauce (JAPAN) HOUSE FAVORITE!   7 ~
Shrimp Dumpling filled with shiitake mushrooms, scallions & soy, then poached in lemongrass broth (CHINA)   7 ~  
Salmon encrusted in Dukkah (Egyptian nut & herb blend); served over sauteed greens & blood orange sauce (EGYPT)   8 ~
Iib Kebab ground lamb seasoned with Baharat (Turkish spice blend) & coffee; grilled & served with spicy tomatoes (TURKEY)   6.50 ~

Crab Dip with sherry & cheese: Chesapeake style (NORTHEASTERN USA) HOUSE FAVORITE! 7 ~
Halibut baked with caramelized onions & tomatoes in coconut-pomegranate broth (IVORY COAST) VOTED BEST OF 2010!   10 ~
Vindaloo Chicken spicy chicken curry from Goa, India with palm vinegar, spring garlic & potatoes served over rice (INDIA)   6 ~  
Pork Enchilada red chili-braised pork shoulder wrapped in a corn tortilla, topped with roasted chili verde sauce & queso fresco (MEXICO)   7.50 ~

Palmeni - pockets of pasta filled with beef & wild mushrooms, 
 in smoked paprika butter & topped with sour cream (RUSSIA)   4.50 ~   
Drunken Noodles mixed seafood wok-fried with broad rice stick-noodle in a salty-spicy sauce,
 bok choy, scallions & lime,  (THAILAND)   6 ~ 
Fried Ravioli lemony-ricotta, goat cheese & herb ravioli dipped in buttermilk & bread crumbs, served crispy with pesto (ITALY) VOTED BEST OF 2010   6.50 ~
Canelones - pork & veal 
 with onions & butter, infused with truffle & herbs, folded into cream & chicken pat
, wrapped inside thin pasta then baked & cloaked with manchego cheese (SPAIN)   6 ~

Wiener Schnitzel of chicken, with lemon & cognac-cream sauce (AUSTRIA) HOUSE FAVORITE!   7 ~
Truffle Fries house-cut local potatoes tossed in truffle oil, served with artichoke-preserved lemon aioli (HOLLAND) VOTED BEST OF 2010!   5.50 ~
Scotch Egg poached farm-fresh egg encased sweet sausage & oats then fried; served with a stone ground mustard & sour cherry jam (SCOTLAND)  4.75 ~
Arancinis saffron risotto balls filled with fresh mozzarella cheese & crisped, topped with sunchoke 
cream sauce
 (vegetable similar to artichoke) (MILAN)   5.50 ~

Goat Cheese Tart with caramelized onions in a flaky crust, with balsamic reduction (FRANCE) VOTED BEST OF 2010!   5.75 ~
Midnight Sandwich tangy pulled pork, house-made pickles, mango-mustard & Swiss cheese griddled on fresh baked bread (CUBA)   7.50 ~ 
armer's Market Risotto
 arborio rice braised with local Farmer's Market produce, topped with Parmesan cheese & cream (PIEDMONTE)   
5 ~
Seasonal Mushroom Sauté in garlic, sherry, butter & fresh herbs, with crispy leeks served on grilled bread (FRANCE) HOUSE FAVORITE!   7 ~

Bib Lettuce Salad with jicama, strawberries, cotija cheese & habanero vinaigrette (YUCATAN, MEXICO)   4.50 ~   
Butternut Squash Bisque with harissa-infused yogurt & chive oil (MAGREB - NORTHAFRICA) VOTED BEST OF 2010!   5 ~
Borscht fresh beets roasted & simmered in porcini mushroom broth, topped with crispy shiitake mushrooms & horseradish-infused crème fraîche (RUSSIA)   5 ~
Smoked Duck Salad smoked duck breast served over mixed greens with blackberries, candied pecans, blue cheese & white balsamic-vanilla vinaigrette (FRANCE)   8.75 ~   
Mango Habanero Sorbet (MEXICO) HOUSE FAVORITE!   4 ~
Blackberry Crêpe with citrus-infused butterscotch & cheese crisp (OREGON, USA)   6 ~    
Chocolate Calzone filled with raspberries & cream cheese (HINGHAM, MA) HOUSE FAVORITE!   6 ~
Dark Chocolate Molten Cake served with roasted bananas & coconut ice cream (JAMAICA)   5.50        
Galaktoboureko sticky-sweet phyllo cakes filled with orange-spiked semolina custard, topped 
with fig compote (GREECE)   6 ~  
The Bombe olive oil, rosemary & sea salt ice cream on génoise cake enveloped in chocolate & toasted pine nuts (ITALY) VOTED BEST OF 2010!   6.50 ~

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