Ports of Call: India
Tuesday, April 26th 

The Silk Road and Chef Abraham Risho
invite you to a culinary adventure on 
Indiaʼs Malabar Coast: 
Goa and Kerala
The Portuguese captured Goa in the early 16th Century where they remained until the mid-20th Century. Unlike other colonial powers, the Portuguese most often assimilated
or merged with the host society. As a result they not only imported their personal culture and cuisine but the cuisines of other cultures they had colonized. Through the
centuries the cuisines of the region merged, redefining the culinary landscape along the Malabar Coast.
This menu focuses on Goan and Keralan cuisine, often referred to as Mayalayees, and the influences from the Portuguese, Muslim, Syrian Orthodox, Jewish and Hindu
cultures. Plan to experience the lovely fusion of traditions, religions and foods found in the spicy, sour seafood and meat dishes, the vibrant, colorful fruits and vegetables and
of course … the rice.


PAPPADAM: Indian Crackers with Four Dipping Sauces
Red coconut chutney with chilies, cayenne, ginger & shallots; 
Mango pickle with chilies, fenugreek and asafetida; 
Kachumber: yogurt salad of cucumber & tomato tossed with coriander, onion & fresh green chilies; 
Pudiney ki (smooth mint chutney) with mint, mango, cilantro & ginger

Steamed mussels served in a broth of coconut milk, ginger and masala, finished with fresh lemon & cilantro, served with a piece of house-made naan

DOSA: Sourdough Crêpe with Five Small Appetizers
Chicken Cafrael:  chicken marinated in ginger, garlic, green chilies, garam masala & cashews, then sautéed & topped with fresh mint; 
Baghare Baingan: piquant eggplant friend & then braised in a spiced vegetable base with ginger, onion & mustard seed; 
Keema Torkaari: small ripe tomatoes stuffed with ground lamb spiced with cloves, cardamom & turmeric;
Peppery Chickpeas: chickpeas sautéed with onion, ground masala & coarse black pepper, finished with lemon & fresh cilantro;
Samosa: Fried pastry pockets filled with fresh peas, potatoes, garam masala & cilantro

MEEN VEVICHATHU: Fish with Red Sauce
Halibut braised in a red sauce of tomatoes, ginger, chilies, tamarind & fenugreek topped with crispy garlic & coconut oil

MASOOR DAHL: Stewed Lentils
Goan shrimp curry cooked in ghee & Nestled in basmati rice, accompanied by pork vindaloo, saag paneer (wilted bitter greens) & bhindi ki kadhi (fried okra)

SHAHI TUKRA: Royal Pudding
Cardamom infused custard with almonds & pistachios draped over crispy flatbread, served with a cup of hot chai 

6:30pm in the upstairs dining room at The Silk Road
$ 75.00 per person, all-inclusive ticket:
Six Course Dinner, Six Expertly Matched Wines, & Gratuity!

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