New Year's Eve, join us for Live Cabaret, featuring sultry jazz standards from entertainment greats such as Cole Porter and Irving Berlin, as well as a variety of highly entertaining skits to enhance the spicy flavor of the show. Theater Seats: $10, with performances every hour. 
The Silk Road Menu and Wine List is available all night in the theater as well as the main dining rooms. 

Reservations are always available, and are highly recommended for New Year's Eve

All diners are invited to stay for our complimentary champagne toast at Midnight! 

Call now for reservations for The Silk Road New Year's Eve celebration. 406-541-0752

New Year's Eve 2010 Menu

SILK ROAD STANDARDS (11~ platter / 3 ~ each) 
Hummus Traditional Syrian style with tahini Olive Medley with harissa & preserved lemons 
Daily Selections of Cured Meats or Artisanal Cheeses 

Hot Pickled Beets served over arugula with goat cheese and candied pecans (FRANCE) VOTED BEST OF 2010!     6 ~ 
Beef Carpaccio
encrusted in Moroccan spices, seared, sliced thin & served with orange, mint & parsley (MOROCCO)     7.50 ~ 
Niçoise Salad fennel-seared Ahi Tuna, olive, pep, caper tapenade, on mixed greens & lemon-sherry vinaigrette (FRANCE)     8.50 ~ 

Skewered Beef Tenderloin with spicy Togarashi sauce (JAPAN) HOUSE FAVORITE!    7 ~ 
Swordfish wrapped in pancetta, skewered & grilled with mango salsita (HAWAII)    10 ~ 
Lamb Racklette seared with dijon-herb rub, served with panko-encrusted zucchini (FRANCE) VOTED BEST OF 2010      9 ~ 
Scarpiello braised game hen with hot Italian sausage, spicy peppers, white wine & crispy Yukon gold potatoes (ITALY)    7 ~ 

Pork Chilaquiles slow roasted with chili verde, with masa harina crust (MEXICO)     8 ~ 
Crab Dip with sherry & cheese: Chesapeake style (NORTHEASTERN USA) HOUSE FAVORITE!     7 ~ 
Jaj Ma’a Hashwa baked chicken stuffed with lamb, harissa & pine nuts, served in tomato-lemon-mint sauce (SYRIA)     9 ~ 
Halibut baked with caramelized onions & tomatoes in coconut-pomegranate broth (IVORY COAST) VOTED BEST OF 2010      10 ~ 

Yellow-Curried Shrimp with coconut, soba noodles, shrimp & fresh seasonal vegetables (THAILAND)     7.50 ~ 
Stroganoff mushrooms , onion & beef in dill-cream sauce, tossed with thick-cut egg noodles (HUNGARY)     7 ~ 
Formaggio fresh Montana-made fettuccine with assorted mushrooms, garlic, pine nuts, lemon & Romano cheese (ITALY)     6 ~ 
Fried Ravioli lemony-ricotta, goat cheese & herb-stuffed ravioli dipped in buttermilk & bread crumbs, served crispy with pesto dipping sauce (ITALY) VOTED BEST OF 2010     6.50 ~ 

Wiener Schnitzel of pork, with lemon & cognac-cream sauce (AUSTRIA) VOTED BEST OF 2009!     7 ~ 
Falafel crispy chickpea fritters with onions & parsley served with bibb lettuce, tahini sauce & harissa (LEBANON)     5 ~ 
Truffle Fries crispy potatoes tossed in truffle oil, with artichoke-preserved lemon aioli (HOLLAND) VOTED BEST OF 2010!     5.50 ~ 
Crab Cake of cilantro, scallions & crème fraîche, encrusted in plantains with fresh melon coulis & chipotle sauce (CUBA)     8.50 ~ 

Empanadas of beef, potato, corn & cumin, with sun-dried tomato chimichurri (ARGENTINA)    6.50 ~ 
Piripiri Shrimp marinated in vinegar, tomatoes & fiery hot chilies, grilled & served over coconut rice (TANZANIA)     8 ~ 
Goat Cheese Tart & caramelized onions in a flaky crust, covered in a balsamic reduction (FRANCE) VOTED BEST OF 2010!     5.75 ~ 
Seasonal Mushroom Sauté in garlic, sherry, butter & herbs, with crispy leeks on grilled bread (FRANCE) HOUSE FAVORITE!     7 ~ 

Butternut Squash Bisque with harissa-infused yogurt & chive oil (MAGREB - NORTH AFRICA) VOTED BEST OF 2010!     5.50 ~ 
Papaya Lhassa fresh fruit & yogurt with coriander, cinnamon, clove & fresh mint, blended & served chilled (INDIA)     6 ~ 
The Duo spaghetti squash & julienned zucchini with tomatoes, rosemary-champagne vinaigrette & manchego (SPAIN)     5.50 ~ 

Mango Habanero Sorbet (MEXICO) HOUSE FAVORITE!     4 ~ 
Chai Bread Pudding served warm with toasted coconut & coconut sauce (ITALY)    6 ~ 
Mousse Trio dark chocolate, bittersweet chocolate & blueberry lemoncello (ITALY)     5.50 ~ 
Chocolate Calzone filled with raspberries & cream cheese (HINGHAM, MA) HOUSE FAVORITE!     6 ~ 
Doughnuts & Coffee Fresh doughnuts made with Irish Whiskey-coffee ice cream & salted nut brittle (IRELAND)     5 ~ 
The Bombe: olive oil, rosemary & sea salt ice cream on genoise cake enveloped in chocolate, topped with meringue crumble & toasted pine nuts (ITALY) VOTED BEST OF 2010!     6.50