Dinner Theatre

Salep & Silk

Tuesday & Wednesday, September 14th & 15th, 2010
6pm at the Crystal Theatre inside The Silk Road
$ 68.00 per person includes: Performance, Dinner, Wine & Gratuity
or Call: 406-541-0752

Join Montana Actor's Theatre and The Silk Road for an evening along the historic silk road. Journey together with two travelers as East meets West: a merchant from a Turpan oasis in China; the other merchant from the Taurus Mountains in Turkey. When you purchase your ticket, select your menu of preference: "East" or "West". 

Join the two travelers on their paths along the silk road, listen to them tell stories and describe their favorite foods as you enjoy the menu from their respective homelands. This fantastic journey concludes when the two travelers meet in a cultural collision for a memorable finish.

Menu From the East: 
Originating in a Turpan oasis in the 
Western province oXinjiang, China

Pemidur kharmuz ham sey
Tomato and roasted pepper salad with chickpea-carrot fritters and yogurt dressing served on fresh garlic naan

Khoza mayda khorumakh
Turpan oasis stir-fried lamb with bok choy, soy bean sprouts, cumin, garlic and Jinjiang (black rice vinegar) in sesame sauce, served over la mian (hand pulled noodles), accompanied with fresh chili dipping sauce

Menu From the West:
From the southern part of Turkey in the
 of Maraş at the edge of
the Taurus Mountains

Semiz otu salastasi içli köfte
Lamb's Lettuce Salad with Mother-In-Law's Meatballs. Thick lamb’s lettuce leaves (mache) lightly tossed with tangy dressing, served with minced lamb köfte laced with aromatic spices

Izgara balik vişneli pilav
Grilled snapper with walnut-coriander dressing over Flathead cherry-basmati rice pilaf