Dinner Theater 

Salep & Silk

Sunday & Monday, August 15 & 16, 2010
6pm in the Crystal Theater inside The Silk Road

$ 68.00 per person includes Dinner, Wine, Performance & Gratuity
For tickets, call 541-0752
Or visit: www.mtactors.com


From the West: Southern part of Turkey in the city of Maras at the edge of the Taurus Mountains 

Semiz otu salastasi içli köfte
Salad with thick lamb’s lettuce leaves (mache) lightly tossed with a yogurt dressing and topped with Mother-in-Law's Meatballs (kofte balls filled with a spiced lamb mixture)

Izgara balik vişneli pilav
Grilled snapper (or other fresh fish, dependent on availability) with a walnut and coriander dressing over a flathead cherry and basmati rice pilaf 

From the East: Turpan oasis in the western province of Xinjiang in China 

(I do not have translations for these. The language I believe is Uighur, an Altaic sub language. Maybe google can translate) 

Tomato and bell pepper salad 

With yogurt dressing topped with chickpea and carrot fritters served on a fresh garlic naan. 

Turpan oasis Lamb (stir fried) 

Bock choy, soy bean sprouts, cumin, garlic and Jinjiang (black rice vinegar) served over La mian (hand pulled noodles*wish me luck) in sesame sauce accompanied with fresh chili dipping sauce. 

In the middle of the Silk Road where two cultures collide 

Salep dondurma (orchid root ice cream) with gori maro (twisted dough) 

Mychical orchid root power infused ice cream scented with orange blossoms and topped with pistachios scooped alongside twisted fried dough