Damn fine event Samuel.  It was a rare opportunity to meet with our friends and have a nice sit down.  Very impressive family, artisans all.  -t --Tim McGarvey, 3/16/2011

Thanks for a wonderful dining experience.  I've been to the silk road twice and believe your food to be outstanding... 
The first time I had [the sauce with the 
was the eve of  the first friday of february. I loved it. Once in a great while something like that sauce will come along and teleport me to a place I've never been to before.  An other-worldly home that exists just outside my reality and is where I believe my best ideas come from...  Where stillness and solidarity is commonplace. That sauce was a confounded variable of timelessness and originality....  --David Zimmerman, 3/12/2011

Dear Rishos, You pretty much are wonderful and lovely.  You serve awesome food, and it makes my week whenever I get to eat it!  Also, I tell everyone I know about you guys.  You deserve all the success you can get your hands on! Love you guys! --Brandi, 12/8/2010

Everything was wonderful as usual when I was there in October.  Congrats on best restaurant, and the Merriest of Christmases to you and your family!!!! Meg Carnegie --12/8/2010

Please, please bring back the Olive Oil & Rosemary Ice Cream Bombe!  That alone would bring my husband and I in to your restaurant! --Sarah Lawhorn, 12/8/2010

My very favorite is your mushrooms with leeks, I didn't see it on here. I love your food and I am always impressed by everyone on staff. You are my families favorite restaurant in town. Thank you for the great service!  --Katie Brasington, 12/7/2010

i love trying new dishes, and the silk road always pleases. Each time i have been there it has been excellent. Thank you. --pat devlin, 12/7/2010

Sorry, I had to pick three in a couple of categories.  I adore your restaurant! --June Delane, 12/7/2010

Please pass onto Sam my gratitude for his efforts, and everyone else too, for making my birthday party last night so wonderful.  It was really a wonderful event and I was impressed by Sam's attentiveness and the sense of hospitality.  It was splendid on all accounts.  You all are great at what you do. 
Thanks so much! --
Mary Coar  11/14/2010

Dear Susie & Ray, Thank you very much for the lovely flowers Ray brought to The Silk Road Saturday evening, and graciously gave to me at the end of the evening - and what a wonderful evening it was!!! All our family and our guests told us how much they enjoyed the happy atmosphere of The Silk Road, the delicious food and wines, plus the constant smile on Sam's face!! The Risho tradition goes on -- thank goodness.... We wish both Susie & Ray had popped in earlier and joined the fun. See you at the Silk Road. --Fond Regards, Elieen & Hal 11/8/2010

Sam, Abe & Elise;
Thank you for all you did to make the wedding reception possible, fabulous, and everything Justine & Joey envisioned. The food and presentation were magnificent and noted with complimentary comments by many of the guests. Your staff were cordial and professional. We're lookin forward to quieter yet equally delicious meals at Silk Road in the coming year. 
With grateful warm regards, Patti Rosa & Paul Policastro, 10/09/10

Man it's hard to limit myself to a max of 2 in each section, especially the desert section! I want to try it ALL! --Jan Vilhuber, 9/25/2010

Your selections are always amazing.  It is so hard to choose when I want to try them all. --Jennifer Keith, 9/21/2010

Wow.  You guys really went out of the ordinary! :) --Katy Brimhall, 9/21/2010

This is unfair, expecting us to pick only two from each category.  I think you should have a tasting of all the proposed dishes so we can make an informed decision.  Or just put 'em all on the menu.  Yeah, I like that one. --CJ Stevens, 9/21/2010

One of the most creative restaurants in the Northwest doesn't need ideas from me :-)  Thanks for bringing your craft to Missoula. --Kirt Dennis, 9/20/2010

I am so excited! I get to visit this fall and actually have some of this menu! I have missed the Silk Road! Haven't found anything that compares in Denver! :) --sarah, 9/20/210

In the From the Garden section I choose three I just could not decide.  My mouth waters just thinking about another trip to your fabulous restaurant.  I am so thankful my co-worker mentioned that you are here in Missoula.  The atmosphere is great and the food is scintillating.  I love your restaurant.  Keep up the good work.  Hope to see you soon.  --Laure, 6/30/2010

Our FAVORITE place to eat!! Love everything about The Silk Road...atmosphere, art, service, and of course, the chow.  Always looking forward to the next menu change to take us on a new food adventure.... Thanks...Rick and Susie Graetz, 6/29/2010

You are my new favorite restaurant in Missoula.  You knock my socks off every time I eat there.  Such amazing flavors! Well done. --Cynthia & Patrick, 6/28/2010

In response to customer requests: "Less Drool" --David V. Gray, 6/28/2010

Love your restaurant--hospitality, people, food, ambience,art, price! --Rita Jankowska-Bradley, 6/28/2010

Can't wait to see you all again and nosh on your delish eats! Love Bee and Loke--Sharon Lokey/Bee, 6/28/2010

Thanks so much for including us in your choices.  It is always a treat to recieve your emails. --Teri Maloughney, 6/28/2010

SO many choices this time--made the decisions ever tougher than usual!  Cannot wait to try the new menu. :) --Peggy Martino, 6/27/2010

mango habenero sorbet!!! sometimes I will go to the silk road JUST to have this sorbet, it needs to stay! --Alana White, 6/27/2010

This was fun!  Making my mouth water to read all of these items.  Thanks! --Anonymous, 6/27/2010


Your menu looks so good it hurts.  I love you guys. --Lacey, 6/26/2010

Enjoyed your restaurant for the first time last Saturday, and was back again tonight.  I'm enjoying the taste adventure.  Thank You! --Jane Cowley, 6/26/2010

love, love to eat at your restaurant.  I recommend it to everyone. --phyllis wade, 6/26/2010

I have eaten at restaurants all over the United States and I have to say, this was one of the best meals I have ever had, a real masterpiece. Thank You.  --Johanna, 4/10/2010

It won't matter what you decide on I will love it all!! --Julie Kraft, 3/30/2010

IYou will simply have to expand your dessert menu to make room for everything. Every time I walk through your doors--you out-do yourselves. --Lacey, 3/27/2010

It all looks so good!  Hard to make a choice.  How about making it easy and just put everything on the Spring menu. 
--Michele McCann, 3/27/2010

You guys just keep getting better and better! Your menus are blowing my mind!  :) --Shannon McCarthy, 3/26/2010

The Mussels in yellow curry with glass noodles is one of the best dishes I've ever had in my life. I hope you bring it back some day! :D --Joni Waldrup, 3/26/2010

We thoroughly enjoyed our United Way annual board dinner Wednesday night.  I think you'll have many new customers from the comments I heard.   Thanks again for a great evening. --Rich Huffman, 3/26/10

I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the wine and dinner on Wed!  The wine was great, the food even better!  Silk Road is by far the most fabulous restaurant  in town.  I loved all the dishes, they were inventive and delicious.  The other element that makes your restaurant so great is the feeling of being included in a family experience.  The Risho family does a great job of making the experience personal and charming. I love having you next door, even happier that I was able to enjoy the wine and food pairing, can't wait for more! --
Mary Ryan, 
Selvedge Studio, 
509 S Higgins, Missoula MT 59801, 

Keep up the good work!  The Silk Road is becoming a regular stop for fine dining!  Thanks to Sam, Abe & Elise! --Roger & Linda Holtom, 1/11/20

I really don't care which items win. They all sound wonderful. --Frank Reed, 1/9/20

My deepest thanks for the valued contribution you have made, and will continue to make in the coming year, to the Missoula world of food and wine.  I hope to see you more often in 2010, and best of luck in all that you do!  May this year continue to bring you the success you so richly deserve!   --Dylan Saugee, 1/6/2010

All I can say is YUM! --Anonymous, 1/6/2010

Um, I would eat all of those sweets! Wow!  You guys rock so much, love it! --Sarah, 1/5/2010

My apologies for missing the deadline.  December 22 happens to be the date on which I achieved an attenuated age and was therefore qualified to plead mental diminution.  Never mind. I'll eat anything on the menue.  If I vote for only one item per category, I will have to invoke my several secret identities to represent the various moods under which I partook of The Silk Road's menu.  I am sorry, but you forced me into a corner.  But, again, never mind. I'll eat anything that wins the votes. --Carolyn Stevens, 12/27/09

LOVE the Silk Road - superb on all levels an excellent restaurant must have.  #1 in my book. --Amie McGowin, 12/17/10

Your current menu is the best yet (the one I reported on - unless you've changed it once more since I was there in November).  I have to get back before Christmas!! --Lori Grannis, 12/14/10

We love coming in and trying a bit of everything.  Thanks for the variety! --Jennifer Keith, 12/13/10

Excellent food!  Keep up the good work. --Dean Keith, 12/13/10

Sam, Abe & Elise, Thank-uou so much for the wonderful Christmas party! You guys did a fabulous job. Everyone mentioned they had alot of fun. Thanks again. --Your Friends, Juliena and Bill Darling, 12/10/09

Your Mango habanero Sorbet was the best.  You should sell it - in fact do you?    Also your house made mozzarella was great.   Really enjoyed our night there - we brought friends from England and they really enjoyed it.  Cortland was very nice and hospitable. --Kathy Pinker, 12/10/09

Also, Ray & Abe - I have taken your classes at the GFS and loved them.  Made the Bisteeya and it was the best. Thanks so much. --Kathy, 12/9/09

Loved your restaurant when we came for the 1st time on my birthday last week.  We'll definitely be back!  Thanks for the great atmosphere and delicious food! --Jessica Harvey, 12/9/09

Let's get the Formaggio back on the menu!  Hey? Silk Road solamente es La Cocina Superior del Año en todos partes del mundo. --love from The Secret Sicilian, 12/8/09

Such tough decisions! Looking forward to dining with you in 2010, with an amazing menu! --Melissa Bangs, 12/8/9

I love the food at Silk Road! I've been there quite a few times now and it is always wonderful. --Manolita Lopez Connor, 12/8/9

Great menu choices!  So glad some of my favorites (things I cast MY votes for!) made the list...steak tartare in Missoula -- at last! I'm proud of you and your wonderful restaurant. Best, susan --Susan Hay Cramer, CEO, United Way of Missoula County, 11/4/09

   Both Glenn and I want to thank you for the excellent job you and all of your staff did for our recent party. You exceeded our expectations.  What you provided was the rare combination of  excellent food with attentive hospitality: you  helped friends of ours  truly enjoy themselves. Thank you!   I am glad the Silk Road is here. Missoula is a better place because of you guys. -Steve Saroff, co-owner of RemoteScan Corporation and Cynical And Jaded Entrepreneurs, 10/20/09

You guys are awesome. Keep up the great work. You are by far the best restaurant in Missoula. Thank you. --Anonymous, 10/17/2009

Thank you for the opportunity to plan your next menu! --Rick Beck, 10/18/2009

so delicious- save "all "my calories to go there! reasonable price also- thankyou! --Anonymous, 10/18/2009

Thanks as always for your warmth, unfailing hospitality, and amazing cuisine! We always love coming in to the restaurant--it's like "Cheers", but w/o the pig knuckles, ya know? ;) --Peggy Martino, 10/18/2009

best restaurant ever --Monte, 10/18/2009

We love the Silk Road! Best restaurant in Missoula. . . --Steve & Julie Edwards, 10/18/2009

My last meal was wonderful! It was great to see you all...looking forward to my next trip over! --Chesa, 10/18/2009

Yay for food! --Kyle!, 10/19/2009

Keep up the good work! Love your restaurant and your affordable wine prices!! Thank you!! --Maggie Wescott, 10/19/2009

I love your restaurant!! This new menu has my stomach growling already. I can't wait to try it. --Janet Anderson, 10/20/2009

We always enjoy ourselves in your warm and inviting restaurant.... --Juliena Darling, 10/20/2009

Wow, everything looks delish - can't wait to try the new menu. Keep up the great work! --Celeste Wickman, 10/20/2009

You are the greatest restaurant in town. We hope you have great success here in Missoula. --Sally Hammond, 10/21/2009

my mouth is watering reading the new ideas. i love your restaurant and so glad you are here. thanks for being so great at what you do and putting out amazing dishes. --Kate Murphy, 10/21/2009

It's always such a pleasure to try new dishes, and I like your selections so much that it was difficult to choose only two from each category. -Terri Blattspieler, 10/22/2009

Yum! I love The Silk Road! --Anonymous, 10/22/2009

Love your food!! --Julie Walker, 10/22/2009

Great food and atmosphere! I love bringing folks from out of state here. They're always pleasantly surprised at the good food and unique culture in Montana....Thanks for the excellent food experience! Matt --matt simpson, 10/24/2009

You do a fabulous job! --Susan Hay Cramer, 10/26/2009

Love Silk Road - taste sensation! --Rika Botzet, 9/17/2009

I loved this meal; thank you for the experience! --Rhonda Buchholz

Elsie, Sam and Abe,On Sept. 18th, my wife Sue and I together with her Sister had the distinc pleasure of enjoying your wonderful restaurant. We live in Texas but, we've been Blessed to be able to visit Missoula 26 out of the last 28 years. Now that we're both retired, we typically visit Montana in mid to late September which is also our Wedding Anniversary. Thanks to your great food and restaurant, our first trip to The Silk Road made our Anniversary very memorable. It also will NOT be our last trip down The Silk Road. ---- Texas Aggie, Montana Griz and Silk Road Fans in College Station, Texas. --Dan and Sue Robertson, 10/9/2009

Really wonderful food... thanks --alex krigsvold, 6/23/2009

So happy to see the Risho family cooking again! We will come in soon! --Nancy Clouse, 6/24/2009

Can't wait to eat at the Silk Road again! Keep it up! --Andrea Harsell Behunin, 6/28/2009

We can't wait to come in and try the new June menu, looks awesome! Such a fantastic and unique concept - we'll definitely be voting for our favs in the future :) --Celeste Wickman, 6/6/2009

This is an amazing menu!!! I can't wait to come eat! --Aana Blalock, 6/7/2009

Only been to Silk Road once (last month); it was amazing! We just ate and ate...........and drank and drank.......... good times!! Looking forward to my next visit! --Rita Reynolds, 6/8/2009

Great to have you back in the business! --Roger Holtom, 6/11/2009

Awesome - I am so excited to keep coming back! Thanks! --Sarah Black, 6/11/2009

Congratulations Abe et al! I wish you the best and hope Silk Road is the path to all joy and success! ---Gail Ruscetta Wilder, 6/11/2009

SOOO Happy to see the Rishos back in business! Can't wait to visit The Silk Road tonight! Steve and Julie
--Steve and Julie Edwards, 6/19/2009

We enjoyed our dinner very much; we will definitely be coming back. --Robert H. Greene, 7/8/2009

look forward to worldly food adventures without having to leave Montana !! --Linda Kolwyck, 7/8/2009

So glad the Silk Road has led to Missoula! --Mary Ann Albee, 7/11/2009

Love Silk Road - taste sensation! --Rika Botzet, 9/17/2009