6pm, Monday, January 11th, 2010

All-inclusive ticket price $60 per person:
Photographic lecture by Rick & Susie Graetz,
Multitude of dishes from Central & High Asia by Guest Chef Ray Risho,
Hand selected wines to accompany each course from George's Distributing,
and Gratuity for your servers.

Photographic Lecture with Rick and Susie Graetz
Spanning 1,600 years, it was one of the greatest and most exotic of eras – the time of the grand caravan routes called the Silk Road. 
Linking the known world of the time – the Middle Kingdom of China to Europe – trails passed 
through some of the planet’s most forbidden terrain--fierce deserts, wind-raked steppes, ice clogged passes, 
as well as the majestic geography of the soaring peaks of High Asia. 
And all of this began in 138 BC, when an envoy to then Chinese Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty, 
in search of military allies, passed through the fortified walls of Xian on his way into the unknown lands to the west.

His stories of advanced cultures, ideas, cities, and arts, of mysterious, unfamiliar merchandise, 
and of a diverse, stunning landscape instigated the emperor to send convoys of Chinese goods for trade. 

Rick and Susie Graetz on behalf of The University of Montana and the International Programs and Department of Geography 
will present a photographic lecture outlining the Silk Road and the storied topography, from western China through Central Asia, it played out in.

The Cuisine of High Asia by Chef Ray Risho
Central & High Asia comprises an array of diverse culinary regions, 
and each provides a wonderful array of spices, food products, aromas and flavors. 

These dramatic regional cuisines definitely stimulate the senses and captivate our imaginations. 

The recipes in this menu reflect the earthy, strong-tasting and full-bodied style of Central & High Asian cooking most often found in homes that understand the true meaning of gracious hospitality.

Though the cuisine of the numerous cultures is distinctive in many ways all, the culinary regions blend and 
fuse into a common denominator we refer to as the “Cuisine of Central & High Asia.”

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at THE SILK ROAD. Now open every evening at 5pm.

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