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Spring 2010

 SILK ROAD STANDARDS  (11~ platter / 3~ each)
Hummus: Traditional Syrian style with tahini and pine nuts    Olive Medely: with harrissa & preserved lemons
Daily Selections of
Cured Meats or Artisanal Cheeses

Scallops seared with lime & mint in pineapple-coconut-ginger salsa (THAILAND) VOTED BEST OF 2009!        7 ~
Escolar Margarita:
tequila-lime marinated escolar with mango, red onion & red bell pepper (COSTA RICA)        7 ~
Shrimp Tostada on crispy corn tortilla with shrimp, bell pepper, red onion, avocado & cilantro-lime vinaigrette (MEXICO)        6.50 ~


Skewered Tenderloin with spicy togarashi sauce (JAPAN) VOTED BEST OF 2009!       7 ~
Thai Pork Ribs with spicy ginger soy-glaze, slow grilled & served over Asian slaw (THAILAND)        6 ~
Lamb Racklette encrusted in Dijon, herbs & panko, with a mustard-lamb reduction (FRANCE)        8 ~
Market Fresh Fish rubbed in adobo chili sauce, wrapped in banana leaf & steamed on the grill (YUCATAN)        7 ~


Gorgonzola Flan with port-caramel reduction & rosemary cracker (ITALY)      5.50 ~
Crab Dip with sherry and cheese: Chesapeake style (NORTH EASTERN USA) VOTED BEST OF 2009!     7 ~
Braised Calamari stuffed with Portuguese-style sausage, baked in tomato-red pepper sauce (PORTUGAL)       6 ~
Jaj Ma'a Hashwa baked chicken stuffed with lamb, harissa & pine nuts, served in tomato-lemon-mint sauce (SYRIA)        8 ~
Soba Noodles sautéed with scallions, carrots, baby bok choy & ginger-braised beef (JAPAN)       5 ~
Raviolo stuffed with tomato sofrito & pancetta, pan seared & topped with shaved Manchego cheese (ITALY)       6 ~
Gnocchi pan seared seasonal ingredients, please ask your server for today's selection VOTED BEST OF 2009!        5 ~
Angel Hair Pasta tossed with thyme-roasted chicken, fennel, asparagus & preserved lemon in Parmesan-cream sauce (ITALY)      5.50 ~
Chicken Schnitzel tenders with cognac cream sauce (AUSTRIA) VOTED BEST OF 2009!        4.50 ~
Agedashi Tofu tossed in tempura, crisped & served with citrus ponzu sauce (JAPAN)       4 ~
Crawfish Cake with scallions, bell peppers & parsley, served with spicy Creole mayo (NEW ORLEANS)       6 ~
Llapingachos: potato fritters filled with cactus paddle & cheese, with smoked tomato coulis & cilantro crème fraîche (ECUADOR)        4 ~
Goat Cheese & caramelized onions in a flaky tart crust, with a balsamic reduction (FRANCE)        4.50 ~
Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup with select artisanal cheese & house-made bread, with tomato basil soup (USA)       4 ~
Curry Fried Rice with egg, green onion, snap peas & ground peanut, topped with chili threads & Asian dry-cured pork (CAMBODIA)       4 ~
Seasonal Mushroom Sauté in garlic, sherry, butter & fresh herbs, with crispy leeks served on grilled bread (FRANCE) VOTED BEST OF 2009!      5 ~

Endive & Friséin creamy red wine-Dijon dressing, with walnuts, bleu cheese & apples (FRANCE)      5 ~
Spinach Salad with grapefruit, shaved red onion & avocado, tossed in honey-lime vinaigrette & topped with crispy ginger (BELIZE)        4.50 ~
Caesar Cardini: chopped romaine hearts in citrus vinaigrette, topped with Romano, white anchovies & house-made croûton (TIJUANA)       5 ~
Panzanella: with sun blushed tomatoes, oil cured olives & mozzarella, with balsamic, basil & house-made crouton (ITALY) VOTED BEST OF 2009!       4 ~

Mango Habanero Sorbet (MEXICO)        4 ~
Turkish Coffee 

Crème Brûlée (TURKEY/FRANCE)        3.50 ~

Chocolate Calzone filled with raspberries & cream cheese (ITALY) VOTED BEST OF 2009!        6 ~
Chocolate Fondue with coconut macaroons & candied orange peel (SWITZERLAND)        5 ~
Key Lime Torte in ginger-infused crust, topped with crispy meringue & candied ginger (CARIBBEAN)       5 ~
Halsey Tart: chocolate-shortbread crust with caramel-cream-peanut center, covered in chocolate (ENGLAND)       5.50 ~

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