Ports of Call 

East Africa

Join chef Abe Risho for a evening with East Africa. Mid July is the perfect time for cuisine from such varied cultures and climates. Although three countries make up the region of East Africa, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, we have included the culinary repertoire of Ethiopia/Eritrea, Somalia, Zanzibar and Mozambique. Often referred to as the Swahili Coast history reveals that nineteenth century Arab merchants opened spice routes from India supplying the world with sweet spices. The Spice Islands of Zanzibar and Pemba now a part of the Tanzanian Republic served as the largest slaving  region on the east Africa coast under the auspicious of the Sultanate of Oman. The Spice Island is a rich mixture of Arab, African and Indian influences. Swahili  Coast ingredients which predominate within this menu look like a soul food pantry: hot Arabian and Ethiopian chilies, banana, papaya, mango, lime, coconut, okra, bitter greens, berberÄ & mitmita, traditional incendiary spice blends of Eritrea which add layers of flavor that are unusual and intriguing. The cuisine can best be typified as truly eclectic, rich-tasting, complex and aromatically laced with the sweet spices of the region. Ticket price includes all five courses, wine to match each course including a starter to begin the evening of festivities, and all gratuity. Wines served for this event will be available for purchase below retail cost at the conclusion of this event only. 

Monday, July 19th, 2010
6pm at The Silk Road Upstairs Dining Room

$ 65.00 per person includes Dinner, Wine & Gratuity
For tickets, call 541-0752


Starter: Ethiopia
Injeratraditional flatbread similar to a sourdough crêpe, served with a selection of stews
Doro Wat: spicy chicken and onion stew, the National Dish of Ethiopia
Sik Sik Wat: beef & red chili stew
Stewed Okra & tomatoes
Mesir Wat: earthy yet silky red lentil stew
Iayb: fresh cheese to cool the heat

 Soup: Kenya
Chilled Papaya Soup laced with spiced yogurt and mint, topped with crispy banana fritters

Middle: Mozambique
Shrimp Piri Piri: fiery-hot grilled shrimp in a sauce of garlic, cilantro and chili, then wrapped in bibb lettuce; 
served with
 Arroz de Coco: rice cooked in coconut and tomatoes

Main: Zanzibar
Zanzibari Duck: Marinated and seared duck breast cooked with oranges,
sweet peppers & clove, served with braised butter greens

 Finish: Somalia
Xalwo, a confection similar to Arabic Halva, cooked with nutmeg, cardamom, saffron & peanuts, 
served with a refreshingly tart Mango Fool (luscious fresh mango folded into cream)