Feast of Seven Fishes, 2014

La Vigilia di Natale

Chef Abraham Risho & Guest Chef Ray Risho

Event includes:

 Eight Course Holiday Dinner, Gratuities & Fine Wines
 $100 per person

Chef’s Notes:

Feast days have always taken a prominent role in the global cuisine of religious societies. 
This Feast represents the culmination of the Advent fast in Italian culture dating back to the 7th century. 
The Feast, traditionally served on Christmas Eve before midnight mass, represents the seven sacraments. 
Most often geographical, this evening's feast is regional in character.

This feast will consist of seven seafood courses and a final dessert course, each paired with fine Italian wine. 

Feast of Seven Fishes
 Tuesday, December 16th, 2014


Feast of Seven Fishes
 WednesdayDecember 17th, 2014