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bernice's bakery
Signature Cakes
for The Silk Road 

Birthday? Anniversary? Graduation? Any special Occasion?
Pre-order a specialtbernice's cake delivered to your dinner table at The Silk Road!

Prices listed are for 6", 8", and 9" 4-layer, round cakes.  

 Irish Car Bomb

Irish Cream infused pastry cream and Bernice's signature Ding-Dong filling lie between creamy milk cake layers.  The layers are then frosted with an elegant Whisky Buttercream and topped with a Whisky Ganache pour-over.  Amazing.


Mexican Chocolate

 A hint of spice in Bernice's  Chili-Chocolate Mousse lies hidden between dark chocolate cake layers.  Finished off with a light Chocolate-Cardamom Buttercream and a touch of our rich Chocolate Ganache.  


Dulce de Leche

Light pastry cream filling is nestled in and between moist milk cake layers and then wrapped in a Bernice's favorite, Salted Caramel Buttercream.  A luscious caramel drizzle finishes off this sweet and creamy cake.  Delicious with a warm cup of coffee after dinner. 


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 Selected bernice's bakery Cakes
The Silk Road

Prices listed are for 6", 8", and 9" 4-layer, round cakes. 


 Moist and flavorful. Chock full of pecans, raisins, coconut, and pineapple. Frosted with our decadent cream cheese icing. 30 years and still a favorite!  



Chocolate Chocolate 

Layers of dark chocolate cake filled and covered with an elegant chocolate Ganache pour over.  


Red Velvet 

Milk chocolate cake layers tinted luscious red.  Filled with Bernice’s decadent cream cheese frosting, frosted with Italian Buttercream, and sprinkled with cocoa powder. 



Lemon Coconut

Creamy white cake layers, infused with lemon, each filled with a layer of lemon curd and a sprinkle of coconut. Frosted with sweetened whipped cream or Bernice’s Buttercream.  Your choice!  



Hazelnut Wine

White wine cake layers brushed with hazelnut liquor filled and frosted with hazelnut Italian Buttercream.  An employee favorite!  




Chocolate Raspberry Grand

Dark chocolate cake filled with raspberry puree and brushed with orange liqueur. Light pink Bernice’s Buttercream and a luscious chocolate pour over finish this elegant cake. 



Chocolate Rum Poppy Seed 

Wheat Free or Original
Rich and fudgy chocolate ganache hugged around moist rum infused wine poppy seed cake. Filled with fluffy and rich chocolate mousse.  $31./45./51.


Raspberry Poppy Seed

Wheat Free or Original 
Bernice's delicious Wheat Free Yellow cake layers flecked with poppy seeds. Frosted with Italian buttercream icing and filled with Bernice's handmade Raspberry puree.   $31./45./51.

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