Cairo to Cape Town!

An evening of Regional African & Middle Eastern
 Rhythm, Dance and Cuisine

All-Inclusive Tickets: 
Five Course African Menu,

Performances by

African-Style Dancers and Musicians
& Gratuity for Your Servers

Saturday, April 26th, 2014

6:30pm in the 

Crystal Theatre
 inside The Silk Road Restaurant

 by Chef Abraham Risho

Pilie Kirmizi Soslu Patlican 
Turkish Sesame-Pomegranate Kabobs over Eggplant Salad
Chicken thighs marinated in sultry pomegranate, sesame & garlic, encrusted in crushed pistachio & bread crumbs, then grilled to perfection; served over chilled eggplant salad

 Piri Piri Shrimp
South African Spiced-Tomato Shrimp
 Shrimp mainated in smoky and earthy Berberé spice blend with cilantro and tomatoes, served over sweet and spiced coconut rice

Egyptian Dukkah Salad With Grilled Veggies Over Naan
Decadent sumac-yogurt dressing tossed with Dukkah, chilled cucumbers, tomatoes, chickpeas, grilled zucchini & scallions; served over garlic naan with a sprig of fresh mint

West African Goat Shanks
Local Missoula goat shanks marinated in peanut oil, onion, garlic, carrot & tomato paste, then simmered with toasted peanuts, hot chilies & okra; served over couscous

Mango Fool
Luscious and refreshing mango folded into sweet cream, served with crispy cinnamon-banana fritters


by Djebe Bara and 

Raqs Alma

Djebe Bara
Djebe Bara offers 
high-energy performances in traditional styling of Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.

From Zimbabwe, the soulful music of the kurova guva ceremony accompanied by mbira, drumming, and leg rattle dancing. 
From South Africa,  the apartheid non-violent protest music of Meadowlands and powerful gumboot dancing from the mines of South Africa.

Raqs Alma
Raqs Alma is a vibrant troupe of dancers and musicians performing American Cabaret style and Turkish Orientale bellydance under the direction of Madrona. Inspired by the music and folkloric dance styles of the middle east Raqs Alma provides a high energy show that is a joy to watch. 

For "Cairo to Capetown" Raqs Alma will be performing dances of Turkey and Egypt: a fiery, high energy Turkish orientale set with Turkish Roman folk dance and sword dance. As well as elegant Egyptian bellydance and raqs assaya, or cane dance.