Bill Bowers
It Goes Without Saying 

April 25th - 28th, 7:30PM at The Crystal Theatre

April 28th Gala Performance:  wine, hors d'oeuvres and dessert by The Silk Road

The Montana Actors' Theatre proudly presents our spring guest artist, renowned mime Bill Bowers, performing his autobiographical one man show, It Goes Without Saying.

Bill opened It Goes Without Saying Off Broadway in 2006 at the Rattlestick Theater, and enjoyed a sold-out, extended run. From his days playing with Barbie dolls in his backyard in Montana to his training with world-renowned mime Marcel Marceau, Bill has observed the incredible power that silence can wield-- whether onstage, between family members, among neighbors, or when we are alone. Bill talks (yes, talks) with sensitivity, precision, and constant humor about a life lived to its fullest.

"Bowers tells of his silent Montana childhood, his eclectic jobs as a mime and the powerful and painful relationships along the way. When words fail him, Bowers adds the gestures that reveal his fluid grace, his mimetic mastery and his connection to something ethereal that lies beyond language. Meanwhile, you, as observor are pitched from hilarity to tragedy, guffawing one minute, punched in the gut the next. Bowers has taken a lifetime of silences and spun them into a performance that speaks volumes. When, at last, he lassoes that big Montana moon that has come to stand for both the dreams and dismays of a lifetime, I found I couldn’t even whisper “Bravo.”" --Carrie Seidman, Sarasota Harold Tribune

"Zestful and endearing... full of life." --The New York Times

It Goes Without Saying will run April 25th through the 28th, 7:30PM at The Crystal Theatre

General Admission (April 25-27) is $25, $15 Student Rush*.

Tickets for the Gala Performance on April 28th are $50 and include performance, wine, hors d'oeuvres and dessert by The Silk Road--

Bill will be available for questions and discussion during this beautifully intimate performance experience.

Purchasing tickets in advance is strongly encouraged. Tickets are available online at

*Student Rush subject to availability and may only be purchased at BOX OFFICE, NIGHT OF SHOW.